We Buy Garages

Have a garage you are looking to sell?

We buy lock-up garages in any condition in Swale (Kent) and surrounding areas.

We are happy to make you a fast offer for your lock-up garage. We cover all legal fees so you don’t have to pay anything. We usually complete within 2 weeks of starting the buying process.

Your garage may be unused in an area too far away from your house or you may want to free up some extra cash.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you buy derelict garages?
Yes, we are happy to purchase your lock-up garage in any condition.

Would you rent the garage back to me?
Yes, we are happy to rent back to you. We can also agree a rent-free period after we purchase the garage.

Can you still buy my garage if I have a mortgage?
Yes, our solicitors can write to your mortgage company explaining that you no longer use the garage. 90% of the time they are happy to release the garage from the property.

How much will you pay me?
This is a hard question to answer, this massively depends on the location of the garage, the condition, door type, roof type and type of walls.
It also depends if we are renting it back to you, or if there are other legal complications. As a rough idea, we pay from £2,000 up to £12,000.

Would you purchase a block of garages?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss this further. We are happy to purchase blocks in the right areas.

For more information or to request a valuation, please get in touch with us.